Tail Female Dam Line: DAJANIA or. Ar. (1876)
Bay Kuhaylah-Ajuz Dajaniyah bred by Mohammed Pasha | Syria
Imported to United Kingdom (Crabbet Park - Lady Anne Blunt) from Syria (1878)

Mulawa Foundation Mare

06 Sep 1986 - 01 Sep 2009


First-Generation Mulawa-Bred Champion

The Ascension of an Australian ANGEL

An Australian success story from beginning to end, the tale of Mulawa foundation mare M ANGELIQUE is one entrenched in the very foundation of Arabian horse activity on the continent. An intertwining of the ambition and efforts of many of Australia’s most successful and influential breeders and horsepeople, her modern-day tale of triumph is firmly established in the continental ideal of a creating the authentic Arabian comprised of an abundance of both beauty and utility.

The origins of her story began at a stud synonymous with profound Arabian horse impact and achievement in Australia on every level. The very first ancestor of M ANGELIQUE to arrive Down Under was the immensely important NASIRIEH (x Nisreen by Nureddin II), imported directly from the England in 1935 by Mrs. Dora Maclean for her seminal Fenwick Stud in Victoria. Bred by Lady Wentworth at the globally influential Crabbet Park from the renowned dam line of DAJANIA (or.ar.), NASIRIEH, a three-quarter sister to significant sire NASEEM, remained the only direct get of her immortal sire SKOWRONEK (Ibrahim x Jaskolka by Rymnik) ever to be imported to Australia. The grey NASIRIEH produced just one daughter by the Bonython import KATAF (Outlaw x Kateefah by Uns-El-Wujood): Fenwick’s very prolific chestnut KASSA in 1942. Bred to Colonial Foundation Stallion RIFFAL (Naufal x Razina by Rasim), another UK import to Fenwick bred by Lady Yule of all-Crabbet bloodlines renowned for his impressive size and structure, KASSA produced the bay KHALASA in 1950, the year in which the stud that was to be her eventual home was founded.

After just two generations, the torch of the Fenwick legacy of NASIRIEH descendants passed to Jean Luckock, celebrated breeder and champion of the Arabian sport horse, who purchased KHALASA as a foundation for her Ennerdale Stud. Mrs. Luckock wasted no time in producing foals from KHALASA, beginning with the bay LEILA in 1954 by the Fenwick-bred SIRHAN (Rashid II x Dahana by Raseel), double-descendant of the original Crabbet-bred Maclean import RAFINA, who traced directly tail-female to the incomparable desert-bred RODANIA. LEILA was subsequently bred to Ennerdale foundation stallion RAMI, another product of Fenwick Stud. A son of the Springmead pure Crabbet UK import RAKIB, RAMI was out of the royally bred RAFINA daughter RISSANI, a mare intensely line-bred to meritorious desert-bred matrons DAJANIA & RODANIA. The resulting bay filly born in 1961 was TAMARA, a fourth-generation Australian bred mare who would soon become a notable foundation dam for Paul & Ella James’ celebrated Arabian Park Stud in rural Sydney.

With the dissemination of the Crabbet bloodlines from both Fenwick & Ennerdale Studs to the bustling New South Wales of the 1960’s, the popularity and fame of the NASIRIEH descendants expanded exponentially. TAMARA’s first daughter was produced in 1966 for Arabian Park, sired by their enormously influential and universally admired foundation stallion BANDEROL, a son of Fenwick’s final UK import SINDH (Silver Vanity x Silfina by Indian Gold) and the beautiful BALSORA (Riffal x Badoura by Rakib). Uniquely, BALSORA traced directly tail-female through Dora Maclean’s important foundation mare BARADA II (Raisuli x Gadara by Harir) to the original import NAMUSA (Ahmar x Narghileh by Mesaoud), introduced by Australian Arabian horse founding father Sir James Boucaut in 1901 for his Quambi Stud in South Australia. This historically significant blending of the best of Australia’s foundation bloodlines resulted in the bay mare DIMITY, a mare whose influence through her Arabian Park & River Oak bred produce is acknowledged and admired around the world. Of her many prolific and prestigious descendants, multi-international champion mare EAGLERIDGE PASSIONATA (Sanadik El Shaklan x River Oak Dimity) ranks as one the most elite, winning hearts around the globe and serving as an auspicious ambassador for the Australian-bred Arabian.

Eager to prove the daughters of BANDEROL, Paul James put DIMITY to the test as a two-year old breeding her to the predominantly Crabbet-influenced IVAN (x Bellona by Silwan), a powerfully built son of respected sire SILVER MOONLIGHT (by Indian Magic), a son of the invaluable SILVER FIRE (Naseem x Somra by Daoud), owned by the Queensland Agricultural College. The resulting daughter, the chestnut ARABIAN PARK LADY CONSTANCE born in 1969, was in turn sold to Boland Family of Razina Park. She too was tested early, bred as a three-year old back to her maternal grandsire BANDEROL for her first foal, a bay filly aptly named ABANDA, to create a genetic powerhouse of nearly pure Crabbet bloodlines descended seven generations from foundation mare NASIRIEH.

When looking for the best Australian bred females with a celebrated heritage of success that best represented the ideal of classically beautiful as well as capably athletic and versatile Arabian, it was these sixth and seventh generations that would join the Farrell Family’s Mulawa Arabian Stud in the late 1970’s as foundation mares. The better of the broodmares when crossed with the imported Mulawa stallions proved to be the tightly-bred ABANDA. As an ideal outcross, she hit the jackpot with the Polish-Egyptian cross VISION (Jamil x Euni by Bandos), producing an exquisite bay filly in September 1986, elegant and refined, with an aristocratic femininity, exceptional quality of skin, harmonious proportion and natural athletic ability, all attributes predictably indicative of her esteemed heritage. Prophetically named M ANGELIQUE, the “M” designating the stud prefix at the time and the “ANGELIQUE” denoting her heavenly phenotype, she would go on to establish one of the most important dam families at Mulawa, creating in the process an entire legion of “Angels”. Nearly thirty years later, the resulting “ANGEL” legacy of descendants has consistently achieved global success as beautiful athletes of world-class caliber into the fourth, fifth and sixth generations.

Incredibly prolific, M ANGELIQUE crossed well with almost any stallion to which she was bred, achieving aristocrat status as the dam of seven champions. A East Coast Reserve Champion Junior Filly as well as an Australian Top Ten Mare, M ANGELIQUE would produce her first champion produce on her first effort: East Coast Champion Junior Filly & National Stud Show Reserve Champion Senior Mare MULAWA ANGELICA (1992). Sired by WANTED KE (Warranty x Feature by Vision), a King Estate stallion of all-Mulawa and predominantly Pure Polish pedigree, ANGELICA incorporated the best of the Mulawa foundation bloodlines, including original imports AMBITION (Bask x Bint Ambara by Comet) & DZINA (Buszmen x Dzisna by Naborr), and Australian National Champion WARRANTY (Aladdinn x Wizja by El Paso). The mating of M ANGELIQUE to WANTED KE also made MULAWA ANGELICA uniquely double VISION, further solidifying her already double BANDEROL pedigree through her dam. Very much resembling an ideal Polish-Crabbet cross, ANGELICA has since become an invaluable broodmatron, joining ANGELIQUE on the Aristocrat Dam list with four champion produce of her own.

Amongst the champion produce of MULAWA ANGELICA is her eldest daughter ANGEL OF FAME (1997), not suprisingly a daughter of US, Canadian and National Champion FAME MAKER R (Fame VF x Inschallah El Shaklan by El Shaklan). This inherently showy chestnut would go on to become one of the first show ring winners for her sire as Reserve Champion Yearling Filly at the prestigious East Coast Championships, but more importantly go on to produce record-setting broodmatron ALWAYS AN ANGEL (2001). The result of an outcross to Australian Reserve National Champion SK SHAKLA KHAN (Sanadik El Shaklan x Sun King Raindrop by Hilglor Rainmaker), ALWAYS AN ANGEL would gain show ring acclaim as a yearling filly as Reserve Champion at the National Stud Show, the East Coast Championships and Australian National Championships, and later as a mature mare as Senior Champion Mare at the Victorian Classic. In 2015 at the Australian National Championships, ALWAYS AN ANGEL made Arabian horse history as the dam of three unanimous Australian Champions in the breeding division, two of which shared accolades in the winner’s circle at Werribee, VIC.

All three of these unanimous winners are sired by the late great DA VALENTINO (Versace x DA Love by Padrons Psyche), a multi-US National Champion Stallion who enduring influence continues to impact the Arabian breed worldwide. The eldest of the trio, the bay ALWAYS VALENTINE MI (2009), would first gain fame in North America as a September-born filly, winning the important titles of Scottsdale Reserve Champion Junior Filly, World Cup Reserve Champion, Region 13 Champion and United States National Reserve Champion as a two year old. She returned to Australia as a three year old to resume broodmare duties before returning to the show ring in 2014 for a record-setting undefeated season as NSW State Titles, National Stud Show, East Coast & Australian National Champion Senior Mare.

The subsequent result of the ALWAYS AN ANGEL x DA VALENTINO cross arrived two years later in the form of glorious chestnut filly named VALENTNIO’S ANGEL MI. Remaining at home to compete during her yearling year, the incredibly popular VALENTINO’S ANGEL finished the season with an undefeated record as National Stud Show, East Coast & unanimous Australian National Champion. Purchased soon after by HRH Prince Abdullah bin Fahd Al Saud of Al Mohamadia Stud, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, VALENTINO’S ANGEL began a tremendously successful international campaign at the elite shows in Europe and North America, capturing accolades as unanimous Canadian National Champion Mare, Unites States National Champion Three Year Old Filly, World Cup Champion Four Year Old Mare, World Cup Supreme Bronze Champion Junior & Senior Mare, as well as All Nations Cup Bronze Champion Junior Mare.

The most recent addition to the trio of full siblings is a captivating chestnut colt named VANGELIS MI in keeping with the tradition of the “ANGEL” namesakes. Like VALENTINO’S ANGEL, VANGELIS also finished his yearling season undefeated as National Stud Show, East Coast & unanimous Australian National Champion, earning additional prestige as the highest scoring horse at the 2015 Australian National Championships.

M ANGELIQUE also proved to be a successful cross directly to FAME MAKER R, giving the chestnut daughter FIRE FLAME in 1997. She in turn has proven to be a reliable producer of superlative Arabian athletes, including multi-champion halter and performance geldings HIGH CALIBRE (2007) & RAPID FIRE 2008, full brothers by MAGNUM FORTY FOUR (Magnum Psyche x WH Nashahna by Bey Shah), the former a National Stud Show Supreme Champion Saddle Horse and the latter winner of over ten performance titles in the Open, Non-Pro and Youth divisions at the 2015 Australian National Championships. FIRE FLAME is also the dam of Australian National Reserve Champion FIRE ALERT (2003), a flamboyant high-trotting son of Australian & Brazilian National Champion TS AL MALIK (Hello Barich ELS x BF Tiffany Select by BF Rageymazon) owned by Lehann Britten.  

The M ANGELIQUE family has also earned considerable prestige through the produce of her eldest daughter by TS AL MALIK: ON ANGELS WINGS (1998), a beloved chestnut mare so named as she was the result of Mulawa’s fist successful use of frozen semen from overseas. Having left two valuable daughters, the bay ANGELS LOVE MI (Gazal Al Shaqab) & the liver chestnut ANGELS GIFT MI (Magnum Forty Four), in the same year of her untimely death in 2009, ON ANGELS WINGS is best remembered on the Arabian show scene as the dam of three of the most successful Arabian saddle horses in Australian history: the “Wings Brothers” - Australian National Champions GOLD N WINGS (2002), SOVEREIGN WINGS (2004) and MULAWA BRONZE WINGS (2005). The FAME MAKER R son GOLD N WINGS can claim the titles of Australian National Champion Junior & Senior Stallion, as well as numerous Ridden Arabian Stallion Championships & Supreme Ridden Exhibit sashes at a multitude of major events around the country with owner Courtney Gibson in the saddle.

As saddle horses supreme, full brothers MULAWA BRONZE WINGS & SOVEREIGN WINGS (Magnum Psyche) have raised the standard for all Arabian athletes across disciplines. Elder brother SOVEREIGN WINGS dominated the competition as a Ridden Arabian Gelding, finishing undefeated in a single season in the division with Championship honours at the four major competitions in Queensland & New South Wales: the National Stud Show, East Coast Championships, Queensland Challenge and the Australian National Championships. Most impressively, SOVEREIGN WINGS’ win at the Challenge was coupled with Champion Ridden Arabian Novice Horse title, a feat of astounding proportion in conjunction with his achievement as Supreme Champion Ridden Exhibit amongst all Arabian and Arabian Derivatives at the same event. Supreme Champion Ridden Arabian honours amongst all purebreds was earned by SOVEREIGN WINGS at the East Coast Championships, whereas at the National Stud Show, he exemplified the versatile ideal by winning the titles of Supreme Champion Arabian Senior Gelding and Supreme Champion Ridden Arabian Gelding on the very same day.

MULAWA BRONZE WINGS was named National Stud Show Supreme Champion Novice Arabian Under Saddle as a four year old, followed by Championship titles in the Arabian Show Hunter, Bridle Path Hack & Novice Dressage divisions at the same show a year later. His greatest National Stud Show triumph came in 2012, dominating the competition as an undefeated five-time champion, earning the Jess Greenlagh Memorial and Baskhaan Memorial sashes, the championships for Arabian Bridle Path Hack & Ridden Arabian Stallions, as well the ultimate honour of Supreme Saddle Horse of the Show against all breeds. That same success would catapult BRONZE WINGS to major titles at the always competitive East Coast Championships as Supreme Champion Show Hunter, Champion Novice Dressage and twice back-to-back recipient of the highest performance honours of the show: East Coast Cup Champion. Over his career at the Australian Championships, MULAWA BRONZE WINGS earned the titles of Champion Arabian Silver Snaffle, Champion Novice Dressage, twice Champion Arabian Bridle Path Hack Stallion, as well as the coveted title of Champion Ridden Arabian Stallion.

The masculine combination of M ANGELIQUE and TS AL MALIK has proven equally successful, readily apparent in multi-champion halter horse ASK and international endurance winner MULAWA ANGELUS. A two-time winner of the Sultan Mirzan Cup in consecutive years for owner Mr. Prutirat Rattanakul Serireongrith of Thailand, MULAWA ANGELUS earned third place finishes in French endurance meets at Fontainebleau & Pontonx sur l'Adour in 2014 prior to his most important debut on the international stage at the World Equestrian Games. From the 170 starting entries in the WEG Endurance Championships, MULAWA ANGELUS was amongst the 38 horses that crossed the finish line and passed the final vet check, finishing a most impressive 14th with a total riding time of 09:55:49. This victory for MULAWA ANGELUS, and subsequently for the Australian-bred Arabian, signified the most prestigious honours earned by a member of the dam family in the FEI-recognized sport of Endurance, expanding the worldwide influence of M ANGELIQUE to yet another inspiring level of achievement.

For her final foal, M ANGELIQUE was bred to MAGNUM FORTY FOUR via embryo transfer, resulting in the elegant son ARTISTRY MI. True to the heritage of performance success blazed by the male members of M ANGELIQUE family, ARTISTRY MI has recently emerged as a formidable ridden horse at the highest levels of the Arabian show ring in Australia. Sashed Champion Ridden Arabian Stallion & Supreme Champion Ridden Exhibit at the National Capital Show, ARTISTRY scored a triumphant third East Coast Cup for the M ANGELIQUE family in 2014, winning the titles of Champion Ridden Arabian Stallion as well as Supreme Champion Ridden Arabian at the same show for an undefeated trio of wins. ARTISTRY is also the reigning Australian National Reserve Champion Stallion Under Saddle, poised and ready to claim top honours in 2016.

After blessing the Mulawa program and the Australian Arabian horse industry with dozens of remarkable descendants over two decades, M ANGELIQUE was sadly lost soon after the birth of her final foal in early 2009. Eight generations removed from foundation import NASIRIEH, M ANGELIQUE has subsequently expanded the influence of her illustrious heritage exponentially in the last quarter century to another six generations of unprecedented accomplishment and universal esteem. Faithfully representing the Australian ideal of the authentic Arabian horse endowed with the ultimate combination of exotic beauty and abundant athleticism, the legacy of M ANGELIQUE is a thriving testament to the trail-blazing, dedicated and visionary breeders who have masterfully contributed to the fourteen generations of this homegrown success story. Ever an Angel Ascending, the profound legacy of M ANGELIQUE lives on with ever-growing global influence, with many years of reward and celebration most certainly yet ahead for the benefit of the breed worldwide and for all of those who love and cherish the Arabian horse.      



  • Australian National Top Ten Mare |
  • East Coast Reserve Champion Junior Filly |

ABSOLUTELY 2005 Bay Purebred Arabian Gelding (Magnum Psyche × M ANGELIQUE by VISION )
  • Australian Top Ten Champion Senior Gelding | 2012
  • East Coast Reserve Champion Senior Gelding | 2012
  • St Ives Champion Ridden Arabian | 2012
  • National Stud Show Champion Senior Gelding | 2011
  • Australian Top Ten Champion Yearling Colt | 2007
ARTISTRY MI 2008 Bay Purebred Arabian Stallion (MAGNUM FORTY FOUR × M ANGELIQUE by VISION )
  • Pacific Coast Arabian Show Champion Ridden Freestyle | 2017
  • QLD Summer Show Champion Arabian Show Hunter | 2017
  • QLD Summer Show Champion Led Arabian Gelding | 2017
  • Australian National Bronze Champion Ridden Arabian Stallion | 2016
  • Australian National Reserve Champion Arabian Show Hunter Stallion | 2015
  • Australian National Reserve Champion Arabian Stallion Under Saddle | 2015
  • East Coast Champion Ridden Arabian Stallion | 2015
  • East Coast Cup Top Five Purebred | 2015
  • Australian National Champion Top Ten Arabian Stallion Under Saddle | 2014
  • East Coast Champion Ridden Stallion | 2014
  • East Coast Cup Champion Purebred | 2014
  • East Coast Supreme Ridden Purebred | 2014
  • National Capital Champion Ridden Stallion | 2013
  • National Capital Supreme Ridden Purebred | 2013
  • Castle Hill Spring Show Champion Ridden Arabian | 2012
ASK 2002 Grey Purebred Arabian Gelding (TS AL MALIK × M ANGELIQUE by VISION )
  • Australian National Top Ten Senior Stallion | 2007
  • East Coast Top Five Senior Stallion | 2007
  • National Stud Show Champion Senior Stallion | 2006
  • Victorian Classic Champion Senior Stallion | 2006
  • Victorian Classic Supreme Champion Male Exhibit | 2006
MI ANGEL 2000 Grey Purebred Arabian Mare (TS AL MALIK × M ANGELIQUE by VISION )
  • East Coast Top Five Junior Filly | 2003
MULAWA ANGELICA 1992 Bay Purebred Arabian Mare (WANTED K E × M ANGELIQUE by VISION )
  • National Stud Show Reserve Champion Mare | 1999
  • East Coast Champion Yearling Filly | 1994
  • WA State Champion Arabian Senior Mare | 1999
  • WA State Champion Ridden Arabian Mare | 1999
  • QLD Challenge Reserve Champion Junior Filly | 1995
  • Perth Royal Champion Arabian Mare |
  • Perth Royal Champion Ridden Arabian Mare |
MULAWA ANGELUS 2003 Grey Purebred Arabian Gelding (TS AL MALIK × M ANGELIQUE by VISION )
  • World Equestrian Games Endurance Championship | 14th Place | 2014
  • Fontainebleau Endurance Championship | 3rd Place | 2013
  • Pontonx sur l'Adour Endurance Championship | 3rd Place | 2013
  • Sultan Mirzan Cup Endurance Championship | 1st Place | 2012
  • Sultan Mirzan Cup Endurance Championship | 1st Place | 2011
ON ANGELS WINGS 1998 Chestnut Purebred Arabian Mare (TS AL MALIK × M ANGELIQUE by VISION )
  • Australian National Reserve Champion Junior Mare | 2002
  • Australian National Reserve Champion Junior Mare | 2001
  • East Coast Reserve Champion Junior Mare | 2001

Family Tree

MULAWA ANGELICA (WANTED K E × M ANGELIQUE) 1992 Bay Purebred Arabian Mare
FIRE FLAME (FAME MAKER R × M ANGELIQUE) 1997 Chestnut Purebred Arabian Mare
ON ANGELS WINGS (TS AL MALIK × M ANGELIQUE) 1998 Chestnut Purebred Arabian Mare
MI ANGEL (TS AL MALIK × M ANGELIQUE) 2000 Grey Purebred Arabian Mare
ASK (TS AL MALIK × M ANGELIQUE) 2002 Grey Purebred Arabian Gelding
MULAWA ANGELUS (TS AL MALIK × M ANGELIQUE) 2003 Grey Purebred Arabian Gelding
ABSOLUTELY (Magnum Psyche × M ANGELIQUE) 2005 Bay Purebred Arabian Gelding
ARTISTRY MI (MAGNUM FORTY FOUR × M ANGELIQUE) 2008 Bay Purebred Arabian Stallion

Family Mares in Residence

MULAWA ANGELICA (WANTED K E × M ANGELIQUE) 1992 Bay Purebred Arabian Mare
ANGEL OF FAME (FAME MAKER R × MULAWA ANGELICA) 1997 Chestnut Purebred Arabian Mare
FIRE FLAME (FAME MAKER R × M ANGELIQUE) 1997 Chestnut Purebred Arabian Mare
ALWAYS AN ANGEL (SK Shakla Khan × ANGEL OF FAME) 2001 Chestnut Purebred Arabian Mare
ALWAYS VALENTINE MI (DA Valentino × ALWAYS AN ANGEL) 2009 Bay Purebred Arabian Mare
ANGELS GIFT MI (MAGNUM FORTY FOUR × ON ANGELS WINGS) 2009 Chestnut Purebred Arabian Mare
ANGELS LOVE MI (Gazal Al Shaqab × ON ANGELS WINGS) 2009 Bay Purebred Arabian Mare
A VISION MI (ALLEGIANCE MI × ALWAYS VALENTINE MI) 2016 Chestnut Purebred Arabian Mare