Proudly Owned by Courtney Gibson | NSW

Root Sire Line: MIRAGE or. Ar. (1919)
Grey Seglawi-Jedran bred by the Sebaa Tribe - Anazeh Bedouin | Syria
Imported to Iraq & France | King Faisal (1921), the UK | Crabbet Park (1923) & the USA | Roger Selby (1930) 

Tail Female Dam Line: DAJANIA or. Ar. (1876)
Bay Kuhaylah-Ajuz Dajaniyah bred by Mohammed Pasha ~ Turcoman Chief | Syria
Imported to United Kingdom (Crabbet Park - Lady Anne Blunt) from Syria (1878)

Third-Generation Mulawa-Bred National Champion

Member of the M ANGELIQUE Family


  • Australian National Champion Senior Stallion | 2010