Mulawa Stallions

Mulawa is proud to stand some of the most influential Arabian stallions in the breed. Each Mulawa chief sire has proven himself in the show ring as a horse of undeniable breed character, superb conformation and capable athletic ability. These charactersitics have been consistently passed on to successive generations of get, the results of which have made the Mulawa-bred horses the most sought after Arabians in the country. The blood of breed legends BASK, EL SHAKLAN, PADRON, NAZEER, SHAIKH AL BADI, NABORR, BAY-ABI, FERZON and BARICH DE WASHOE as well as modern sires of significance BEY SHAH, PADRONS PSYCHE, FAME VF, MAGNUM PSYCHE, GAZAL AL SHAQAB & MARWAN AL SHAQAB can be found throughout the pedigrees of the current roster of Mulawa Stallions. We invite you to discover the unique qualities and contribution of each of the Mulawa sires - please click on the images below.

Mulawa Foundation Stallions

Mulawa Legacy Sires

Mulawa Sires of Significance