Proudly Owned by Gary Kehl ~ GRK Arabians | USA

Tail Female Dam Line: ZULIMA or. Ar. (1901)
Chestnut Seglawi al Abd

Imported to Spain (Yeguada Militar) from Turkey (1905)

First-Generation Mulawa-Bred National Champion

Member of the RIMARAA Family

The Timeless Allure of ROMANCE MI

The tale of ROMANCE MI began with the arrival of her dam RIMARAA to Australia in early 2008, a highly desired daughter of celebrated sire MARWAN AL SHAQAB, as the first in the expanded collection of Mulawa mare families introduced in the new millennium with the intention of broadening the genetic palette. The first filly to be born to this next generation in October of 2009, ROMANCE distinguished herself as a stand-out daughter of MAGNUM FORTY FOUR, born in her sire’s sixth foal crop, blessed with all of the attributes he so consistently gifted his best get. Now, almost an entire decade later, ROMANCE has not only exceeded her discernible potential, but has raised the standard against which all who follow will be judged.

Most fortunately, to the delight of her handler and trainer Cameron Bonney, ROMANCE inherited both the intelligence and trainability of MAGNUM FORTY FOUR with the incomparable show attitude and indefatigable work ethic of MARWAN AL SHAQAB, the combination of which not only made her ‘incredibly game and big hearted’, but, as Julie recollects, the ‘ultimate show horse’. This ‘intensity’ and ‘ever eager attitude’, aptly described by Greg & Jane Farrell, respectively, made ROMANCE a formidable opponent in the show ring from the onset, earning her the most important titles of her junior career at the Australian National Championships: back-to-back wins, an industry first, as Yearling Champion in Tamworth in 2011, and Junior Champion In Sydney in 2012.

After a few years off at Alabama, ROMANCE returned to the show team in 2015, sporting model conformation, an extraordinary forehand and an endless abundance of desire to please, the combination of which resulted in her first Supreme Championship, as NSW Senior Arabian Exhibit, as well as Senior Champion Mare. With each passing season, her superb balance, exceptional quality and large liquid eyes became her hallmark, buoying her to the many prestigious titles, including 2017 Australasian Breeders Cup Senior Champion Mare & Highest Scoring Horse of the Show, an unforgettable appearance that earned her well deserved perfect ‘20’s for her show-stopping trot.

Resting on these laurels, ROMANCE reappeared in early 2018 in the outdoor venue of the East Coast Championships, proving once again why she is one of the most beloved mares on the continent while achieving her first East Coast title as Champion Mare Aged Seven & Older. Given her superlative condition and endless enthusiasm for the spotlight, thanks in large part to the immaculate care and attention to detail given to her by her devoted groom Monika Dobrun, the decision was made to add ROMANCE to the Show Team for Australian National Championships six weeks later. In a highly competitive mare final on Saturday night, ROMANCE, as expected, rose to the occasion, growing in intensity and presence in the final line-up and showing her heart out to earn the ultimate honour: Australian National Gold Champion Senior Mare. In doing so, ROMANCE elevated herself to a class all her own, becoming the first mare to be named three-time Australian National Champion as a Yearling Filly, a Junior Filly and as a Senior Mare. She also earned the third Australian National Senior Mare Championship title for her sire, MAGNUM FORTY FOUR, joining PARADA (2012) & MULAWA ASPIRING (2013), an achievement made even sweeter on the night while standing alongside, in the winner’s circle, her stablemate, and another of the most beloved ‘44’ daughters: Silver National Champion Senior Mare CHANCE TO DANCE.

This decade long-journey now continues with the next chapter unfolding overseas, as ROMANCE is expected to bring her own special brand of captivating allure to the international arena. With good fortune continuing to generously smile down upon her, we look forward, with great anticipation, to her remarkable ability to prove that ’One can never have enough ROMANCE’…


  • Youth National Champion Mare JOTH | 2021
  • Youth National Champion Top Ten Mare JTH | 2021
  • Arabian Breeders Finals Bronze Champion Arabian Mare | 2020
  • Youth National Champion Top Ten Mare JOTH | 2020
  • Region 7 Reserve Champion Senior Mare | 2019
  • Scottsdale Class Winner | Senior Mares Aged 8 & Older | 2019
  • Australian National Gold Champion Senior Mare | 2018
  • East Coast Champion Seven & Older Mare | 2018
  • Australasian Breeders Cup Gold Champion Senior Mare | 2017
  • Australasian Breeders Cup | High Scoring Horse of the Show | 2017
  • East Coast Reserve Champion Senior Mare | 2016
  • National Stud Show Reserve Champion Mare | 2015
  • NSW State Titles Champion Senior Mare | 2015
  • NSW States Titles Supreme Champion Senior Exhibit | 2015
  • Australian National Champion Junior Mare | 2012
  • East Coast Top Five Champion Two Year Old Filly | 2012
  • Australian National Champion Yearling Filly | 2011
  • East Coast Top Five Champion Yearling Filly | 2011
  • National Stud Show Reserve Champion Yearling Filly | 2011

  • Australian National Champion Top Ten Junior Mare | 2016

Family Tree

RHIAN MI (GUILIANO × ROMANCE MI) 2012 Bay Purebred Arabian Mare
KLASSICAL RADIANCE MI (KLASS × ROMANCE MI) 2014 Grey Purebred Arabian Mare

Family Mares in Residence

RIMARAA (Marwan Al Shaqab × Rikkochet) 2005 Bay Purebred Arabian Mare
RACQUEL MI (Pogrom × RIMARAA) 2013 Bay Purebred Arabian Mare
RADIANT MI (ALLEGIANCE MI × RIMARAA) 2015 Bay Purebred Arabian Mare
RADIANCE MI (Raoud Albidayer × RADIANT MI) 2022 Bay Purebred Arabian Mare
RAMONA MI (ALLEGIANCE MI × RACQUEL MI) 2023 Bay Purebred Arabian Mare