Tail Female Dam Line: MLECHA or. Ar. (1835)
Grey Dahmah Shahwaniyah
Imported to Poland (Jarczowce Stud - Count Juliusz Dzieduszycki) from the Arabian Peninsula (1845)

Mulawa Foundation Mare

09 January 1982 - 15 July 2016

Bred by Lasma Arabians & Mulawa Arabian Stud | USA
Imported 1982 

As the only foreign member of the ALADDINN syndicate, Mulawa leased several Lasma broodmares in the early 80's to breed to the emerging and now legendary sire. One of those was the Pure Polish JF GAZELLA, who produced from the lease the athletic and well constructed LM MAGICS GIFT, so named for the Lasma and Mulawa alliance.

Imported as a yearling, MAGICS GIFT introduced a crucial dam family to the Mulawa program, tracing most meaningfully tail-female to celebrated Janow Podlaski matron ARFA, eldest full sister to BASK. She proved a good cross with VISION, giving the valuable daughter PERCEPTION. Two of PERCPETION’s daughters by PARKVIEW AUDACIOUS are poised to advance this dam line to an new level of excellence: MULAWA ALEXA and MULAWA ANASTAZIA, both National Stud Show Champions & Australian Reserve Champions. Each of these young mares has produced several important achievers, including international champion IMPRESSA MI, leading racer JUSTICE FOR ALL MI, emerging sire JUSTIN MI, and show ring stars ATUNED MI, ANASTAZI MI & IMAGINE MI.

Family Tree

PERCEPTION (VISION × LM MAGICS GIFT) 1991 Bay Purebred Arabian Mare
AALLUSION (ARRIVAL × LM MAGICS GIFT) 2000 Grey Purebred Arabian Gelding
CHALLENGE MY MAGIC (Diamond B Challenger × LM MAGICS GIFT) 2001 Bay Arabian Derivative Gelding

Family Mares in Residence

PERCEPTION (VISION × LM MAGICS GIFT) 1991 Bay Purebred Arabian Mare
ALEXI MI (MAGNUM FORTY FOUR × MULAWA ALEXA) 2008 Bay Purebred Arabian Mare