Proudly Owned by Fred & Lisa Smith | NSW

Tail Female Dam Line: MLECHA or. Ar. (1835)
Grey Kuhaylah-Dajaniyah
Imported to Poland (Jarczowce Stud - Count Juliusz Dzieduszycki) from the Arabian Peninsula (1845)

Fifth-Generation Mulawa-Bred Female

Member of the LM MAGICS GIFT Family

Within ANTONIA MI is the unique opportunity to benefit from several of the most influential international modern sires - DA VALENTINO, MARWAN AL SHAQAB, MAGNUM PSYCHE, VERSACE, GAZAL AL SHAQAB & PADRONS PSYCHE, perfectly combined with one of Mulawa's most well respected and successful dam lines, that of LM MAGICS GIFT.

An exclusivity in Australia, ANTONIA MI is a daughter of Scottsdale Champion & multi-US & Canadian National Top Ten ONITNELAV, a long-necked,  good moving,  charismatic son of the late great DA VALENTINO. Through her sire, ANTONIA is blessed with a distinctive Straight Egyptian influence, as well as with the inestimable worth of World Champions MARWAN AL SHAQAB & GAZAL AL SHAQAB, unrivalled as the leading global sires of significance in the last decade.

Maternally, ANTONIA is a member of the capably athletic and impressively accomplished LM MAGICS GIFT dam family, directly responsible for international winners across a broad range of disciplines including halter, hacking, eventing and racing. The stars amongst this family of champions include: IMPRESSA MI, ANASTAZI MI, JUSTICE FOR ALL MI, ATUNED MI, JUSTIN MI & MULAWA VIVACIOUS.

Tall, scopey, feminine & elegant with purposeful movement and a well constructed build, the young ANTONIA should mature into a quality performer and a breeding prospect of considerable potential.  


Family Mares in Residence

PERCEPTION (VISION × LM MAGICS GIFT) 1991 Bay Purebred Arabian Mare
ALEXI MI (MAGNUM FORTY FOUR × MULAWA ALEXA) 2008 Bay Purebred Arabian Mare