Celebrating the Mulawa-Bred Gold National Champions | VENECIA MI

The good fortune of breeding often involves the fortuitous coming together of the right people, the right horses and the right situations at exactly the right time. For the Farrell Family of Mulawa Arabian Stud, this coming together of all the right elements has been a constant theme consistently repeated in the breeding success they have now enjoyed for over four decades.

An inspiring incarnation of that breeding success is VENECIA MI, the result of breeding fourth-generation Mulawa-bred sire ALLEGIANCE MI to US import VALENTINE MI. ALLEGIANCE, who brilliantly combines the blood of invaluable foundation pillars KARMAA, AMBITION & EUNI as well as more recent sires of significance TS AL MALIK & MAGNUM FORTY FOUR, was a miraculous survivor of a near-fatal accident as a yearling that resulted in a broken leg and shattered hock. Now fully recovered and thriving at Alabama Stud, ALLEGIANCE continues to prove himself as a sire of incomparable worth with get now succeeding at the highest level both at home and overseas. VENECIA's dam, VALENTINE MI, was purchased as an embryo from breeder Michelle Pfiefer with the assistance of David Boggs. Having long admired International Aristocrat Dam HL INFACTUATION & her glorious US National Champion granddam TJS GEORGIE GIRL, Greg, Julie & Jane were very keen to introduce their influence into the herd along with more genetic goodness from the legendary DA VALENTINO.  In typical Mulawa good fortune fashion, VALENTINE MI was the result of the visionary embryo purchase, a positive step forward that has resulted in unprecedented success in the Australian show ring as well as in the Mulawa breeding program.      

Having now delivered four foals in a row by ALLEGIANCE MI, with her most recent filly still at side, VALENTINE MI can boast a continental first as a dam, as each of her first three foals have all achieved the title of Australian National Champion: ADVANTAGE MI, VENECIA MI & VENICE MI. The most successful of these superstar full siblings to date has been VENECIA, who earned another continental first last month by attaining successive Gold honours at the Australian National Championships. Not only was this most recent Gold National Championship achieved by unanimous consent, so too have both of her additional Gold titles been awarded, as twice successive Gold Champion Junior Filly at the prestigious Australasian Breeders Cup. With back-to-back wins as East Coast Champion as well, VENECIA is unquestionably one of the most successful young fillies ever to grace the Australian show ring.

We are confident that these unanimous Gold Championships are just the beginning for what promises to be a record-setting international show career. Whatever good fortune continues to come the way of this Golden Girl, Team Mulawa will be there to support her & celebrate her success every step of the way...