The Enduring Value of Gold | KAVALIER MI

Celebrating the Mulawa-Bred Gold National Champions | KAVALIER MI 

At the 2017 Australian Arabian National Championships, KAVALIER MI was crowned Gold National Champion Junior Stallion by unanimous consent from the international panel of judges. As twice East Coast Champion, National Stud Show Champion, Victorian Classic Champion & 2016 Australian National Silver Champion Junior Stallion, KAVALIER is one of the most successful young show horses on the continent.  

Sired by thrice World Champion and legendary sire of significance MARWAN AL SHAQAB, KAVALIER has been blessed with his sire's elegant, upright and extravagant forehand, as well as his masculine charisma and presence. From his beloved Aristocrat Dam KARESS, KAVALIER has inherited superb balance and harmonious design, a strong well coupled level topline, the large luminous eye of MAGNUM FORTY FOUR and an unmistakable aristocratic quality. Tail female, KAVALIER traces directly to KARMAA - the 'Queen of Mulawa' - the most important and influential foundation mare in the 40+ year history of the Mulawa breeding program. 

KAVALIER MI is a three-quarter brother to KAVALLE MI, Australian National & East Coast Champion as well as United States & Canadian Reserve National Champion, whose influence as a sire of champions is just beginning to unfold both in North America & in Australia.

We anticipate a bright future ahead for KAVALIER MI, not only as a highly competitive show horse in the international arena, but especially as a sire of world-class quality get.