Striking GOLD in Central Park | VANGELIS MI at the US Arabian Open

VANGELIS MI has returned to form and was electric in New York City's Central Park at the US Arabian Open. Against the most formiddable competition and in the largest class of the evening, VANGELIS MI was crowned Gold Champion Junior Colt with Andrew Sellman at the lead for Team Times!

Just one year ago at the inaugural US Open, full sister VALENTINO'S ANGEL MI was crowned the 2015 US Arabian Open Gold Champion Senior Mare for Al Mohamadia Stud (Saudi Arabia). We are incredibly proud of the international record-setting achievements of these full siblings, both a tribute to the enduring legacy of the late great DA VALENTINO and the incomparable dam family of M ANGELIQUE.   
A special thank you to Andrew Sellman & Team Argent Farms for showcasing VANGELIS MI at his best in Central Park. The international Gold Standard is back and ready to light up the world! 
Thank you Team Times & the Ames Family for your support of VANGELIS MI in Central Park!