17 November 1982 - 16 December 2015
This morning we bid farewell to our beloved MULAWA CHANCE. Born in November of 1982, CHANCE was foaled at the old Mulawa property where her sire, AMBITION, set in motion the direction and purpose of the Mulawa program. Tragically, AMBITION was lost prematurely, his legacy and influence left to his treasured daughters, with MULAWA CHANCE amongst his best and most prolific.
Not only was CHANCE the most celebrated of her sire's daughters, she was also the best produce of her esteemed dam, GROJECCA. Imported in-utero from the UK in the infancy of the Mulawa program, GROJECCA was a life-long favourite of Greg Farrell Sr. GROJECCA was in turn the dam of MULAWA THE QUEST, a consummate breed ambassador and multi-Australian National Champion in numerous disciplines, as well as a full brother to MULAWA CHANCE.
A favourite of Jane Farrell from the very beginning, MULAWA CHANCE, with her regal presence and gentle spirit, gained legions of fans and admirers over the course of the next three decades. Beloved by everyone who had the opportunity to know her, MULAWA CHANCE lived the latter years of her life in the verdant green paddocks and rolling hills at Alabama, where she dutifully nurtured several seasons of yearling fillies as nanny extraordinaire. From her early days, CHANCE's monumental triumph as National Stud Show Champion Mare in 1987 remains one of our most cherished and significant successes. 
On the 17th of November, CHANCE celebrated her 33rd birthday at Alabama with Greg, Julie & Jane, visiting with Greg & Nancy Gallun. Treated with a much appreciated bath, a handful of carrots and her last impromptu photo session with Jane, CHANCE was bright and alert, content with her life's journey. Just one month later she left on her own terms, passing peacefully overnight during a devastating storm in the Hunter Valley. It was under similar conditions that her sire AMBITION left this life in April 1985, as if the heavens themselves were protesting the loss, such was the rage in the skies - the final link between father and daughter.    
Although her legacy is undeniably secure with six generations of champion descendants impacting the breed worldwide, her passing marks the end of an era as MULAWA CHANCE was the last living daughter of AMBITION. It is only fitting that it would be CHANCE that would be last of his prized daughters to bless our lives, and even more so that she would depart in her own time and on her own terms.
Thank you CHANCE for giving us so many reasons not only to be eternally grateful, but to celebrate each and every day of our extraordinary lives with the Arabian horse. We will miss your maternal grace and generous presence more than words can express. Thank you most of all for being our CHANCE of a lifetime...

Most recently, MULAWA CHANCE was featured in the October issue of The Arabian Magazine as an Australian Aristocrat Dam.
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