It is with great sadness that we share the tragic news of the premature passing of Mulawa chief sire MAGNUM FORTY FOUR.

Complications with a chronic affliction in his stifle and hind limb had recently resulted in acute laminitis. Within the last week, the situation took a turn for the worse and the difficult decision was made to euthanize “44” to relieve his suffering.

Over the last decade, the impact and influence of FORTY FOUR, not only at Mulawa, but throughout Australia, has been improbably profound. Introduced to the Mulawa program in 2003 via a lease arrangement through longtime friend and supporter Gene Reichardt, MAGNUM FORTY FOUR began his auspicious career as a sire on trial basis. Bred by Bob & Dixie North from the very first foal crop of the now legendary MAGNUM PSYCHE, FORTY FOUR had already proven his worth as a formidable show horse as a multi-Regional Champion, as well as US & Canadian National Reserve Champion Stallion AOTH prior to his arrival Down Under. His winning ways continued in Australia, earning the prestigious titles of East Coast Champion & National Stud Show Champion Stallion as well as twice Australian Top Ten Champion Stallion in just three years.

It was his contribution as a sire, however, that would establish FORTY FOUR as the most significant stallion of his generation. His very first foal crop proved even better than expected, evidenced by a group of foals of exceptional type, refinement and quality, superb balance and harmony of proportion, and an overall aristocratic elegance. Typical of his MAGNUM PSYCHE heritage, the get of FORTY FOUR were also blessed with impressively long, shapely, high-set and supple necks, smooth outlines of great scope, and a regal presence of confidence and self-importance. What proved to be of the greatest significance and most remarkable was the ability of FORTY FOUR to pass along with astonishing consistency his enormous, dark, luminous and liquid eyes set wide on a broad forehead well out on the corners of refined, beautifully designed heads. These all-important attributes, as well as those of superlative balance and essential three-dimensional substance from all angles, are undeniably the legacy of his maternal great-grandsire FORTEL, a Polish-bred stallion whose prolific daughters have impacted countless breeding programs around the world.

In no time, the high quality get of FORTY FOUR began amassing championship honours at every important show across the continent. Australian, East Coast, National Stud Show, Queensland Challenge and Gala Event, as well as Victorian Championship titles both in-hand and under saddle have been earned by the beautiful and talented get of FORTY FOUR on multiple occasions. His most accomplished get have earned FORTY FOUR Top Purebred Sire honours at the Australian Championships on two different occasions. What makes the sire record of FORTY FOUR most extraordinary is that it was ALL accomplished in just one decade.

Not only have the direct get of FORTY FOUR proven their worth in the show ring, many of his best daughters and a handful of his best sons are proving to outstanding contributors to the next generation through exemplary progeny. The FORTY FOUR daughters within the Mulawa program are proving to be invaluable broodmares, in particular KARESS, PARADA & MUSTANG’S MAGNUM. All have produced important Australian champions, with MUSTANG’S MAGNUM boasting an incredible six champions to her credit with all six of her foals born to date. Mulawa junior sire ALLEGIANCE MI is proving with just his second foal crop to be a faithful progenitor of the FORTY FOUR legacy at Mulawa with a group of sensational get, elevating the impact and influence of his sire to an even higher level of excellence.

Our hearts are heavy knowing how intensely we will miss FORTY FOUR, that distinguished face wise with experience with those incomparable eyes hanging over stall door in anticipation of a pat or a carrot. His time with all of us was far too short. For those of us who had the privilege to know him or to be touched by his influence, our lives have been unquestionably changed for the better. Rest well and in peace, dear friend. You will always be loved and remembered with great fondness and esteem. For those of us left behind, we look forward to enjoying the abundant gifts of MAGNUM FORTY FOUR in his incomparable descendants for generations to come…