(Ambition imp USA x Grojecca iidUK)
10th December 1978 – 23rd January 2011

It is with great sadness that we report the passing of MULAWA THE QUEST, who peacefully passed away in his pasture at his home with Rodney and Heather Brown at the great age of 32. 

A grand ambassador for the Arabian breed, a multi-Australian Champion and full brother to the illustrious Mulawa Chance, QUEST was the true, all-around Arabian. Rod and “Questie” shared a mutual bond of friendship and respect. Their partnership, which spanned almost three decades, became legend in the Arabian horse community.  A successful halter horse in his junior years, QUEST would make the performance ring his own. 

In the early days they would quite often bring entire show grounds to a standstill (or at least those not on horseback themselves) as they performed the working stock horse class. QUEST would stand perfectly still, ground tied in centre ring as the sound of Rodney’s stock whip echoed throughout the show grounds. QUEST was sometimes the only horse standing still as other horses, in the same class and those around, would routinely take flight.  

THE QUEST and Rodney were the featured attraction and firm favorites at many of our Mulawa Open Days; they would traditionally either open or close the show in grand style. They would also go into display mode at many Arabian shows, parades and events even after their ‘show ring’ retirement. 

THE QUEST made his last public appearance in 2002 when he opened the Mulawa Open Day in his signature grand style.  Earlier in the same year, the universally admired pair had made their last ‘official’ public appearance outside a Mulawa event carrying the Australian flag with pride to open the Australian Championships, with THE QUEST in characteristically fine form and Rodney riding high in the saddle.

In his golden years, Questie had become quite deaf and would rely on the Brown family’s kelpie “Kelly” to alert him that dinner time had arrived.  He was always eager to inspect the meal that Maitland and Reid Brown (Rod and Heather’s children) had prepared for him.  As an older gentlemen, his meals were mostly served as soup and Quest would enjoy every slurped mouthful maintaining good health and appetite until his final day.

Questie was the epitome of what the Arabian horse strives to be: “the horse for everyone”. He leaves behind a grand legacy of wonderful memories, unforgettable moments and inspiring stories that will be told for years to come.  In Rodney and Heather, THE QUEST was fortunate to find a wonderful home and the ideal environment to bring his many talents to the fore.

In a conversation with Greg Farrell on the evening of January 23rd (the day of QUEST’s passing), Rodney Brown conveyed with the passion and conviction of a true friend that “QUEST was a once in a lifetime horse”.  He was indeed – in every way...

QUEST - you will be sadly missed. We thank you for bringing so much joy into the hearts of those who knew and loved you. The stock whips will be cracking as you make your way to the heavens.