Celebrating Seven Successive Years of National Champion Mares

It is with great pride that we celebrate the unprecedented achievement of seven successive Australian National Champion Senior Mares. Representing four different Mulawa dam families, four internationally successful sires, a pair of full sisters and a beloved mother and daughter, the National Champion Mares of Mulawa continue to raise the standard of excellence of the Arabian feminine ideal while dominating the entirety of the last decade in Australia.

Not only has Mulawa achieved unparalleled back-to-back seven-time success in the Senior Mare division, Mulawa can also claim an additional two National Champion Senior Mares - MULAWA BEHOLD (2003) & MULAWA EUNIQUE (1984), seven National Champion Yearling Fillies since 2006 and seven National Champion Junior Fillies since 2010. Since 2014, Mulawa-bred females have swept all three titles at the Australian National Championships - Yearling Filly, Junior Filly & Senior Mare - for purebreds three out of four times.

Beyond the indomitable influence in Australia, the Mulawa-bred beauties IMPRESSA MI & VALENTINO'S ANGEL MI have both been rewarded with multiple National Champion honours in the United States & Canada. In total, fifteen (15) Mulawa-bred females have achieved twenty-six (26) National Champion titles in Australia, Canada & the USA, twenty five (25) of those earned since the arrival of the new millennium, and an astounding twenty-three (23) awarded in the last eight years.

To discover more of the GOLDEN GIRLS | THE NATIONAL CHAMPION MARES & FILLIES OF MULAWA, please follow the text link or click on the beautiful image below, courtesy of the creative genius of Arabians Australia.