ADVENT | August 1985 - February 2013

It is with great sadness that we share the news on the passing of one of the most beloved members of our equine family - ADVENT. The gelding son of Mulawa foundation horses AMBITION and EUNI, ADVENT was a full brother to the late Mulawa sire ARRIVAL. 

Just shy of 28 years of age, ADVENT had served for the past 23 years of his happy existence as the personal mount of Greg Farrell. Of all the many Mulawa greats that have been bred and lived in residence in both New South Wales and Tasmania, ADVENT will always be remembered as not only Greg's exclusive riding horse, but the correct and unwaveringly sincere answer to the question often posed to Greg - "Do you have a favourite horse?"

When not in residence at BelleVue, ADVENT lived at the Country Club near Launceston. It is impossible to estimate the number of hotel guests ADVENT introduced to the Arabian breed over the years, as he patiently and reliably guided them through the Tasmanian countryside surrounding the Country Club resort. ADVENT graduated from a guide’s only mount in his younger years (he even once unseated a holidaying Rodney Brown - all be it with the aide of a slipped saddle!), to the most trusted and admired horse in the Tasmanian herd.

ADVENT loved living at BelleVue and when his advancing years meant he could no longer be ridden every day, he would still insist on coming along anyway, accompanying Greg and Julie on their daily rides among the cattle and through the pastures. ADVENT could always be found trotting ahead of the group, or more often alongside Greg on his replacement mount. The next morning would find him waiting at the pasture gate, seemingly saying "Today it’s my turn".

ADVENT has been laid to rest by the historic oaks on the premier lawn at BelleVue, a site befitting the stature of the horse and his place in our hearts.

We would like to thank Stephanie Cole and Anita Johnson who cared for ADVENT through most of his life and ensured he was always comfortable and content in his later years.

ADVENT - we will think of you often and miss you greatly. We thank you for being a truly wonderful horse and superb ambassador for your breed. Goodbye friend...