Mulawa Facilities | Mulawa

The original Mulawa on the fringe of suburban Sydney in Berrilee is in reality two properties: Mulawa and Ambition, separated by Bay Road between.

Mulawa is situated on the west side, where it was once home to the burgeoning enterprise in its entirety. Mulawa has retained its status as principal training center, encompassing all aspects of training, conditioning and preparation for the halter and sale horses. Sufficient stabling, arena work space and paddock turn out allow up to several dozen horses to be in training at any one time, making for a constant hum of activity nearly every day of the week.

Every foal born at Mulawa Arabians regardless of its future career path or potential follows the same program. Upon being weaned at Alabama the youngsters are floated down to Mulawa Sydney where their life program begins, becoming acquainted with the customs and ways of stud and stable life. Every young horse is halter trained, as it is useful to keep the young mind engaged and once learned the principle of moving away from pressure is helpful when transferred to the performance field.

True to Mulawa’s original purpose, stallions are still handled and collected on the property. Mulawa is also home to the main presentation ring, and has hosted scores of international guests through the years and is home to the always well attended annual Mulawa Open Day each (Aussie) spring.