Mulawa Facilities | Alabama

The Mulawa program took a huge leap forward with the acquisition of Alabama, a 750 acre established farm located about 3½ hours north of Sydney in Aberdeen. Situated in the heart of Australia’s prime thoroughbred region near Scone, Alabama has been meticulously restored, remodelled and transformed over the course of the last three years into a state-of-the-art breeding facility. Authentically Australian and characteristically Mulawa, the principal Alabama working facility sits astride both shores of a large portion of the predominantly tranquil Pages River, while the larger acreage is set against the beautiful natural landscape of the powerful Hunter River Valley and surrounding picturesque hills. 

Alabama is now home to the entire Mulawa broodmare band, which includes over 35 purebred Arabian mares, almost a dozen derivative, thoroughbred and warmblood mares, and over 75 recipient mares indispensible to the embryo transfer program. The evolution and expansion of the modest Mulawa breeding program (in the past, typically resulting in 10-15 foals a year) into a full service embryo transfer center (resulting in 40 expectant foals currently, almost half of which are embryo transfer foals) has been the driving force behind the incorporation of Alabama as an integral component of the overall Mulawa program. Mulawa is committed to creating the next generation of world class foals for the international market – Alabama provides the perfect venue for this imperative success on a large scale.

Embryo transfer has allowed Mulawa to capitalize on the genetics of the program’s most meritorious and proven broodmatrons as well as the most accomplished and promising young females. The results thus far have been impressive – the productive life of older elite mares has been extended, while the early productive capacity of the best two-year old fillies has been realized, oftentimes reaping multiple rewards. In the past, Mulawa felt compelled to keep the best progeny from each foal crop as next generation replacements – now with several of the best mares producing multiple foals a year, Mulawa can share its finest with the international market and breeders worldwide while ensuring the ongoing success and progress of its own program. 

Alabama is equipped with cutting edge semen handling, breeding  and mare management facilities designed to efficiently and comfortably handle a large steady volume of activity. Mares can be accommodated in and moved through a series of stabling, lots and yards during the breeding season in closest proximity to the breeding center. Paddock sizes range from 3m x 3m earth lots for single mares to capacious 10 acre grass pastures for groups of mares and foals. “Diet paddocks” for the “easy keepers” are located on rugged hillside, as the river flats of Alabama are infinitely fertile and can capably produce an abundance of fodder year round. The totality of hay needed to feed the horses in Sydney and Aberdeen can be cultivated with ease in Alabama – never before has Mulawa enjoyed a higher quality, nutrient-rich forage for the horses.