Proudly Owned by Nicole & Damien Henricus | QLD

Tail Female Dam Line: RODANIA or. Ar. (1869)
Chestnut Kuhaylah Rodaniyah bred by Ibn Rodan |  Ruala Tribe ~ Anazeh Bedouin
Imported to United Kingdom (Crabbet Park - Lady Anne Blunt) from the Arabian Peninsula (1881)

Seventh-Generation Mulawa-Bred Champion

Member of the KARMAA Family

One of the best young mares in the Mulawa program, KAPTIVATE MI embodies not only the classic characteristics of the ideal Arabian mare, but a world-class pedigree boasting the most esteemed bloodlines in the breed.

KAPTIVATE MI is the eldest daughter of KAVALLE MI, the international superstar who has achieved National honours in three countries on two continents, as well as dominated his age group at the all important Scottsdale Show in successive years. One of the most commanding, charismatic, correct and universally admired sons of the living legend GAZAL AL SHAQAB, KAVALLE is just beginning to prove his worth as a sire of immense potential, with a handful of superbly designed, upright, uber-confident and supremely athletic foals in the last two seasons. As a member of the KARMAA dam family of champions, KAVALLE boasts the most celebrated succession of dams directly to the "Queen of Mulawa", through Aristocrat Dams MULAWA KARA MIA MI, his granddam, and KARESS, his dam.

Especially appealing is KAPTIVATE's second link to KARMAA via her extraordinary dam AUDACIA, one of the leading Aristocrat Dams in Australia with six champion produce, including interstate champions MI APHRODITE, VALENCIA MI, AMBER MI, AJUSTINE MI & emerging supersire ALLEGIANCE MI. AUDACIA has never failed to produce an outstanding daughter or son in her eight years of production, blessing each of her produce with the size, substance and elegance of PARKVIEW AUDACIOUS as well as with the aristocratic refinement, length of rein, strong design and powerful animation of MULAWA ARIA. Most uniquely, KAPTIVATE is blessed with the influence of several of the most beautiful and and well-respected mares in the Arabian breed - KARMAA, KAJORA, ALIHA BINT NIZR, KARESS, EUNICE, BINT MAGIDAA, AN MARIETA & ELLORA - an intriguing combination of genetics that most often makes for broodmares with exceptional productive capabilities.



  • Kalbar Agricultural Show Supreme Champion Arabian Exhibit | 2019
  • QLD Challenge Top Five Champion Senior Mare | 2019
  • East Coast Champion Three Year Old Filly | 2018
  • QLD Gala Event Champion Three Year Old Filly | 2018
  • Australian National Bronze Champion Junior Filly | 2017
  • East Coast Top Five Two Year Old Filly | 2017
  • QLD Challenge Champion Intermediate Filly | 2017
  • QLD Challenge Supreme Champion Female Exhibit | 2017
  • QLD Gala Event Champion Intermediate Filly | 2017
  • Warwick Agricultural Show Junior Champion Filly | 2017

Family Mares in Residence

MULAWA KARA MIA MI (GLF APOLLO × KARMAA) 1995 Chestnut Purebred Arabian Mare
MAE MARIE (TS AL MALIK × KARMAA) 1999 Grey Purebred Arabian Mare
MULAWA MARIETA (TS AL MALIK × KARMAA) 2002 Chestnut Purebred Arabian Mare
MULAWA KIARA (Magnum Psyche × MULAWA KARA MIA MI) 2004 Chestnut Purebred Arabian Mare
GLAMOUR MI (Gazal Al Shaqab × KARESS) 2009 Bay Purebred Arabian Mare
KARMELIA MI (GLF APOLLO × KARMAA) 2009 Chestnut Purebred Arabian Mare
KASHMERE MI (MAGNUM FORTY FOUR × KARMAA) 2009 Grey Purebred Arabian Mare
VALENCIA MI (DA Valentino × AUDACIA) 2009 Grey Purebred Arabian Mare
MI MARIE (ALLEGIANCE MI × MAE MARIE) 2012 Chestnut Purebred Arabian Filly
KLASSIC GAEITY MI (KLASS × GLAMOUR MI) 2014 Grey Purebred Arabian Mare
ELEGANCE MI (Emerald J × KLASSIC ELEGANCE MI) 2016 Grey Purebred Arabian Mare
EUFORIA MI (Emerald J × AUDACIA) 2016 Grey Purebred Arabian Mare
KLASSICAL GISELLE MI (KLASS × GLAMOUR MI) 2016 Grey Purebred Arabian Mare
KARALISA MI (VANGELIS MI × KARESS) 2019 Chestnut Purebred Arabian Mare
MI MARIA (MI KLASSIQUE × MI MARIE) 2019 Chestnut Purebred Arabian Mare
EMBRACE MI (Emerald J × MULAWA KARISMAA) 2020 Bay Purebred Arabian Mare