Proudly Owned by Kylie Rees | WA

Tail Female Dam Line: RODANIA or. Ar. (1869)
Chestnut Kuhaylah Rodaniyah bred by Ibn Rodan |  Ruala Tribe ~ Anazeh Bedouin
Imported to United Kingdom (Crabbet Park - Lady Anne Blunt) from the Arabian Peninsula (1881)

Fourth-Generation Mulawa-Bred Champion

Member of the KARMAA Family

Beloved as one of Australia’s most iconic show mares, AMBER has amassed a list of impressive accolades all across the continent at Australia’s most prestigious events, achieving record scores for standard-setting type, conformation and athleticism.

AMBER is one of only six daughters of the legendary ‘Champion Maker’ - WH JUSTICE – bred in Australia, and by far, his most successful in the show ring. The descendants of WH JUSTICE are prized the world over for their beauty and show aptitude, subsequently redefining the standard of excellence for the breed. AMBER’s regal heritage is further enhanced by her treasured dam AUDACIA, an Aristocrat Dam of eight champions, including fellow Australian National Champions MI APHRODITE, KAPTIVATE MI and EUFORIA MI, Breeders Cup Gold Champion VALENCIA MI and resident Mulawa super sire ALLEGIANCE MI, Australia’s leading sire of national & international champions.


  • Arabian Jackpot Gold Champion Senior Mare ~ unanimous | 2021
  • Arabian Jackpot Supreme Champion Senior Arabian Exhibit ~ unanimous | 2021
  • Australian National Silver Champion Senior Mare | 2020
  • East Coast Champion Mare | Aged Four to Seven Years of Age | 2020
  • Queen of Sheba Challenge Winner | Highest Scored Arabian Mare | 2020
  • WA State Champion Four to Seven Year Old Mare | 2019
  • WA All Arabian Champion Senior Mare | 2018
  • WA All Arabian Supreme Champion Senior Exhibit | 2018
  • WA All Arabian Champion Junior Filly | 2017
  • WA All Arabian Supreme Champion Junior Exhibit | 2017
  • WA Arabian Trilogy Champion Three Year Old Exhibit | 2017
  • WA Arabian Trilogy Supreme Champion Junior Exhibit | 2017
  • WA State Champion Four to Seven Year Old Mare | 2017
  • Arabian Jackpot Champion Junior Mare | 2016
  • WA State Champion - Highest Scoring Exhibit | 2016
  • WA State Champion Three Year Old Filly | 2016
  • National Stud Show Champion Yearling Filly | 2014

Family Mares in Residence

MULAWA KARA MIA MI (GLF APOLLO × KARMAA) 1995 Chestnut Purebred Arabian Mare
MULAWA KARISMAA (Magnum Psyche × KARMAA) 2004 Chestnut Purebred Arabian Mare
MULAWA KIARA (Magnum Psyche × MULAWA KARA MIA MI) 2004 Chestnut Purebred Arabian Mare
GLAMOUR MI (Gazal Al Shaqab × KARESS) 2009 Bay Purebred Arabian Mare
KASHMERE MI (MAGNUM FORTY FOUR × KARMAA) 2009 Grey Purebred Arabian Mare
MI MARIE (ALLEGIANCE MI × MAE MARIE) 2012 Chestnut Purebred Arabian Filly
ELEGANCE MI (Emerald J × KLASSIC ELEGANCE MI) 2016 Grey Purebred Arabian Mare
EUFORIA MI (Emerald J × AUDACIA) 2016 Grey Purebred Arabian Mare
KARALISA MI (VANGELIS MI × KARESS) 2019 Chestnut Purebred Arabian Mare
EMBRACE MI (Emerald J × MULAWA KARISMAA) 2020 Bay Purebred Arabian Mare
EVOQUE MI (MI KLASSIQUE × EUFORIA MI) 2021 Grey Purebred Arabian Mare
VANGELISA MI (VANGELIS MI × KARESS) 2021 Chestnut Purebred Arabian Mare
MIA MI (Wahaj Albidayer × MI MARIE) 2022 Chestnut Purebred Arabian Mare