Team Mulawa

Happiness, contentment and success in life can be essentially boiled to the copious presence of two things: uncompromising insistence on a superior quality of life and the committed nurturing of meaningful relationships. Quality of life might just as well be the Mulawa mantra – it is abundantly evident in the fabric of daily routine and pervasive at every level of the program. In terms of relationships, these are utterly dependent on people, and the people that comprise the essential Mulawa team are amongst the finest horsepersons and humans anyone should ever have the good fortune to meet.


Greg Farrell Jr.    "Mr. Mulawa"

Greg is by nature very hands-on – activity done translates into learning and understanding – and he still applies this essential quality to the horses with ambitious zeal and earnest dedication. Greg is a natural horseman – his innate affection for and confident ease with horses is readily apparent in his daily interaction with the horses at every level. Although Greg’s primary vocational responsibility has always been Managing Director of Federal Group (the highly successful and widely respected Australian owned family business and the world’s second oldest hotel group), he always finds quality time for the horses. He remains integrally involved with all the handling and training of the Mulawa Arabians, from early breaking through the professional turn out of top level show ring performers in hand.

(Pictured with ADVANTAGE MI


Julie Farrell    "Mrs. Mulawa"

Presentation and organization are two innate skills that Julie brings to the Mulawa team with brilliance. Julie heads the “prep” team at every show and open day, making up horses and making sure that the equine as well as human crew, oftentimes two dozen-plus members strong, is ready to compete on time. As such, Julie is usually the last person to see the horses compete – the championships and the final Open Day presentations are always a highlight and a fitting reward for the hours, days, weeks and months of hard work committed to a first-class turn out. Julie also spearheads the Mulawa breeding and embryo transfer operation, spending time each week at Alabama overseeing the expanding program. Julie furthermore has a great eye for equine well being and is usually the first to notice when a foal or adult horse is a little under 100%.

(Pictured with KARMAA)


Jane Farrell    "Ms. Mulawa"

Jane is a beacon of positive energy and support and the perpetual and untiring cheerleader for all things Mulawa. For years, Jane has served behind the scenes as the official Mulawa spokesperson – designing ads, articles, promotional material, stallion cards, etc. and utilizing her innate intelligence, creativity and compassion to relate the Mulawa success story as it unfolds. Jane, who often modestly understates her crucial contribution, is also the official resident photographer/videographer, a role which is taken very seriously and the results of which, are without fail, first class.



Katharine Farrell    "Miss Mulawa"

Kate has grown into a very talented and highly-competitive dressage and hack rider; on any given weekend, she and Julie can be found competing at dressage competitions across New South Wales. Kate has had particular success with: the Mulawa-bred purebred gelding Proclaim, a 10-time Australian Champion in nine different divisions; the Arabian warmblood Summerzar Imagery, with whom Kate was named Australian Interschool Intermediate Dressage Champion; and with Owendale Lemon Twist, one of the most accomplished Arabian riding ponies in the country. Her most recent and impressive success is with the imported Arabian Warmblood/Hanoverian gelding LUXOR 118. Together the pair have become the most successful and highest scoring Young Rider team in Australia, winning several consecutive FEI Young Rider Individual & Freestyle Tests.

(Pictured with LUXOR 118 & Tye) 

Gregory Farrell    "Mulawa Motor Master"

It is our belief that being involved with the Arabian breed has enhanced our family life as it is something that we can all enjoy and be part of together. Although our son Greg enjoys horse shows for a short periods of time, he much prefers the two-wheeled multiple horsepower version. Greg is currently working with the Federal Group in at the head office in Hobart, Tasmania. 

(Pictured with the octopi arms of his immediate family)


Bill Catt    General Manager | Operations , Projects & Properties

Bill Catt is the General Manager for all four facilties - Mulawa & Ambition in Sydney and Alabama & Cronk Coar in Aberdeen. Bill has been an essential partner in Mulawa's success for several years. Every detail of facility management, maintenance and improvement falls under his capable jurisdcition.

(Pictured with TS AL MALIK)


Paul Stockman    Mulawa Farm Manager

Overseeing the daily operation at Mulawa & Ambition in Sydney is farm manager Paul Stockman. Paul is essential in ensuring all the horses in residence, which include the Mulawa Show Teams (both Halter & Performance) and all the Mulawa Chief Sires, enjoy the best possible care on a daily basis.

(Pictured with GUILIANO)

Vince & Karen Falzon    Alabama & Cronk Coar Farm Managers

The husband/wife team of Vince & Karen Falzon manage the Alabama & Cronk Coar operations in Aberdeen. Vince & Karen bring years of experience and expertise to the operations at Alabama & Cronk Coar. No detail is left unnoticed under their watchful eye.


Cameron Bonney    Head Halter Trainer

International horseman Cameron Bonney heads up the halter training division. With several years of experience in North America & Australia to his credit, Cameron is recognized as one of the finest halter trainers in the world. He has been at the lead of several of Mulawa's biggest winners of the past few seasons, including Cameron's own Australian Champion AAMAHNI and the unforgettable Australian National Champion Mares MULAWA KARISMAA, PARADA, ROMANCE MI, KLASSICAL DREAM MI, ALWAYS VALENTINE MI & KLASSICAL PRESENCE MI. Providing leadership for the incredibly successful Mulawa Team Halter, Cameron prepares and presents all the main Mulawa contenders in hand in all the major competitions.

(Pictured at the Australian National Championships


Brett Parbery    Dressage Head Trainer

Brett Parbery has been an official member of Mulawa Team Performance since 2012, taking on the immense responsibility of training and riding the high level Dressage horses. Brett brings a wealth of experience and inherent talent to Mulawa Performance as Australia’s highest FEI ranked dressage rider in the world. Among his most impressive accomplishments are his record holding high score ride at the Sydney CDI Grand Prix, as well as two Top Ten finishes at the 2010 World Equestrian Games in Kentucky, in the Grand Prix Freestyle and the Grand Prix Special. Brett serves as the coach for the Kate Farrell & LUXOR 118, the top FEI Young Rider Pair in the country. He spends the rest of his time at Mulawa training and exhibiting rising stars ABER HALLO, FURSTIN FRIENDSHIP & LARENSO.

(Pictured with LARENSO)


Annette Lowe    Saddle Horse Trainer

Saddle Horse Trainer & Assistant Conditioning/Training Specialist Annette Lowe is an invaluable member of both the Mulawa Halter & Performance Teams. Annette is responsible for the daily management and training of an elite string of Arabian and Derivative performers. On Mulawa-managed horses, Annette has earned a reputation as one of the most competitive and capable riders and trainers in the country.

(Pictured with MYSTIC FAME)


Alissa Johnson    Alabama Horse Supervisor

Alissa Johnson oversees all horse management at Alabama & Cronk Coar. Alissa is responsible for all daily care of both the purebred and recipient mare herds, as well as each annual foal crop. Alissa also assists Daniel in overseeing all reproduction and breeding management.

(Pictured with ALWAYS AN ANGEL)

Daniel Barbosa    Breeding Specialist

Brazilian breeding specialist Daniel Barbosa heads up the embryo transfer program at Alabama. Daniel supervises all reproduction on the farm, including cooled and frozen semen handling as well as all embryo transfers. Daniel also assists with overall mare management of both the purebred and recipient herds and is responsible for breeding 40+ mares each season. Daniel is most capably assisted in his by his wife Tais, his invaluable "right hand man" for all the late nights and early mornings during the busy foaling and breeding seasons. 


Mariusz Lipa    Training & Conditioning

Mariusz Lipa assists in all training, conditioning and daily care at Mulawa & Ambition. Mariusz has joined Team Mulawa from Poland, coming directly from the world-famous Michalow Stud where he was well respected for his ability to train, handle and present horses. His accomplishments in the show ring include major titles earned at several of the largest and most competitive shows in Europe. Mariusz has also gained management and training experience in the United States and the Middle East with recognized industry leaders.

(Pictured with MULAWA ASPIRING 


Alonso Guzman    Training & Conditioning

Alonso brings international expertise to Mulawa from Mexico, with several years experience working with the leading programs from South & North America. As an invaluable member of the training and conditioning team, Alonso brings tremendous enthusiasm and passion to Team Halter, always taking great pride in each and every horse under his care. 

(Pictured on location for another Vesty photo shoot)


Ellen Suann   Young Horse Specialist

Ellen Suann is an invaluable member of Team Mulawa as the resident Young Horse Specialist. Ellen's myriad of responsibilties include handling and training 40+ weanlings each season during "boot-camp" at the Sydney location, as well as working diligently to create a top show team from amongst the rising yearling & two-year old superstars.



Danielle Currie ♦ Performance Team Manager

Danielle Currie is responsible for all horse management at the new Mulawa Performace Facility at Ambition. Affectionately known as the resident "barn diva", Danielle ensures the world-class facility runs like a fine-tuned machine, and its aristocratic equine residents receive the superlative care and attention to detail they deserve.

(Pictured with ABER HALO MI) 


Cindy Barnes    Performance Team Assistant

Cindy Barnes assists with horse management at the Mulawa Performace Facility at Ambition. In her daily routine, she is responsible for the daily care, feeding and conditioning of the stellar performance team.

(Pictured with PLATINUM MI) 

Glen Thorne

Glen Thorne    Feed Management

Glen Thorne oversees the management of daily feed formulation for all horses in residence at Mulawa and Ambition. His careful attention to detail ensures the Mulawa show horses on both Team Halter and Performance receive optimal and cutting-edge nutrition.


Ben Cassidy Ben Cassidy    Alabama Grounds & Facilties

Ben Cassidy is an integral part of Team Alabama. Ben daily responsibilties include the management and maintenance of the vast facilities at Alabama & Cronk Coar. Ben is also a vital assistant with the daily handling and care of the large number of breeding horses in residence at the Aberdee facilties.