GALAXY MI | Success at the Shahzada Memorial Endurance Ride

Big news for the Endurance world! Debby Pevy and GALAXY MI were awarded the Best Conditioned & Best Managed Horse at the 2016 Shahzada Memorial Endurance Ride in St. Albans NSW.

This five-day 400km challenge is the epic ride of the endurance world, and one that requires supreme fitness, intelligent strategy and an extraordinary bond between horse and rider. To finish the Shahzada is a monumental success in and of itself. 

Most incredibly, the seven year old GALAXY MI was purchased by Debbie in April 2015, and broken in a month later. Fast forward 15 months, and now both Debbie & GALAXY MI are the proud recipients of one of the endurance world's most prestigious honours. 

GALAXY MI is a son of GLF APOLLO (Diamond Padron x Per Brio by Percussion), a seminal Mulawa sire who has a long-standing reputation for siring hard working, versatile athletes across a broad range of equine sport. GALAXY's dam, PARKVIEW MAIRAYA, is a daughter of supreme sire TS AL MALIK (Hello Barich ELS x BF Tiffany Select by BF Rageymazon), whose descendants have been redefining Arabian excellence around the world at the most elite level of equine competition.     

Another GLF APOLLO son JUST CRUZIN also had a successful result at the Shahzada. With a heavyweight rider in the 120km Mini Marathon, JUST CRUZIN finished with the fastest time and a heart rate of 41. JUST CRUZIN has been a multi-recipient of Best Conditioned honours in his two year endurance career, and has already competed in his first Quilty! 

Congratulations Debbie on your inspiring success with GALAXY MI! We are incredibly proud of your achievements and the genuine bond you have with GALAXY MI. Thank you for carrying the banner high for the Mulawa Community as a superlative ambassador for the Arabian breed.