Mulawa Facilities | Bellevue

The other main Farrell family residence is Bellevue, a idyllically situated property near Launceston, on the Aussie island state of Tasmania. This operation is one upon which recreation is the principal activity, an appropriate purpose upon Australia’s vacation destination, an island dedicated to and thriving as a result of tourism.

The local country club is one of the family businesses – here guests are provided the opportunity to trail ride the scenic countryside on Arabian horses. These mounts are not just any Arabian horses - most are past National champions and/or cornerstone broodmatrons living out their retirement years in first class style, serving as superlative ambassadors for the breed whilst at the Country Club or at Bellevue.

A small herd of purebred Angus cattle are kept year round on the property along with the horses, perfectly complimenting the ever-present menagerie of livestock that lend Bellevue a healthy portion of its undeniable charm.